Inspection Services


Full Home Inspection

Our inspectors look at all accessible areas of the home, from the roof to the foundation and everything in between. The comprehensive report includes major issues, minor imperfections, and maintenance information.


Seller Inspections

Find out what issues are going on with the home prior to listing your property.  This helps the property from going through multiple inspections and selling the home faster.  This also allows you to list the home as pre-inspected and is covered by our 120 warranty while on the market.


New Construction and 11 month Inspections

 We verify that your new home meets local building standards and expectations for quality as it’s being built. This assists the builder in correcting issues and prevents post-occupancy problems and repairs. 

Don't forget to also have the property inspected at the 11 month mark near the end of the builder’s warranty to ensure it is still structurally and mechanically sound. This allows you to take advantage of the warranty, if needed, before it expire 

Auxiliary Services


Pool Water loss Testing

Pool leaks can coast you alot of money, between having to add water, more chemicals and possible damage from erosion.  Our state of the art tools   enables rapid determination of a pools water loss. It measures water level changes to the 10,000th of an inch, enabling leaks to be identified in as little as 5 minutes. 


Sewer Scope

The only way to truly know whats going on with the plumbing under the home is to have it scoped and take a look inside.  This allows us to see any damaged piping under the home.


Termite Inspections

Our sister company 360 Pest Control can provide you with an onsite report for any signs of wood destroying organisms such as Termites, wood decaying fungi and other damaging organisms.

Our Sister company can also provide treatment upon request.